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Cpap Mask


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Pulse Oximeter ( Infi & Accussure )

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MODEL NO : ICO/SPO2/0032 Pulse oximeter are used to check oxygen level in blood and pulse of patient. Some models are available with PI indication. Battery operated. Accuracy of machine is utmost important to decide oxygen intake. Misleading reading and display can be fatal for patient.

Nebulizer Jl ( Accussure)

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MODEL NO : ICO/NEBJL/0023 Nebulizer with mask set available

Blood Pressure Monitor ( Infi & Accussure)

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MODEL NO : ICO/BPM/0024 Blood pressure monitor cuff

Cpr System Air Mattress

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MODEL NO : ICO/CPRM/0014 CPR SYSTEM air mattress provide better pressure absorption in contour areas of body where chances of bedsore is more. During sleeping unknowingly some areas of body get more pressure in case patient is bedridden those areas get affected and in certain body areas blood flow comes down, causes bedsore first stage. We are providing best quality materials in this air mattress and machine under one year warranty. In emergency CPR application can be done by using CPR valve without keeping the patient on bed. Picture shown with hospital bed just for understanding and to show mattress with cover, Bed is not included in below price. Rent or Buy

Digital Thermometer

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MODEL NO : ICO/DTM/0025 Digital thermometer for instant body temperature measurement.

Multipara Patient Monitor

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MODEL NO : ICO/MPM/0015 5 PARAMETERS can be monitored with this machine, Realtime reports can be seen in screen. ECG graph, Spo2, Blood pressure, Temperature, respiratory rate.

Syringe Pump ( Akash )

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MODEL NO : ICO/SYRP/0026 SYRINGE PUMP helps to deliver an accurate amount of fluids, whether nutrients or medications, into the patient's body in a controlled manner. When there is requirement of small dosage of medicine for a certain period of time, syringe helps to maintain such dosage schedule.

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