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Motorized Backrest Over Home Bed

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Motorized remote control recliner bed, backside lifting up to 85 degree remote operated, when there is a space problem in small flat or house bed is highly appreciated by customers, More, over for elderly patient with back pain or lifting difficulties elder patient can watch TV and can do other thing in a seating position by self lifting with the help of remote, Best quality soft foam from branded company is used as a foam mattress.

24,500.00 18

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm

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    Everything is perfect. I would recommend!

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Patient Toilet Bed For Home Use

22,500.00 18
(1 Review)
MODEL NO : ICO/MTB/001 Hospital bed with Toilet facilities for bedridden patient at home. Semi fowler bed back side lifting up to 90 degree. Drop down side railing head and leg guard metal frame. Fixed height with wheel. Steel commode can be removed from bed below the main body of the bed  , it is attached with a metal frame so after removal washing arrangement can be done from lower side of bed. Adjustable folding foam mattress 3” is provided along with toilet bed for patient comfort, suitable foam cover over bed pan is there so that patient will not feel any discomfort.

Manual Full Fowler Hospital Bed

25,000.00 18
(0 Reviews)
MODEL NO : ICO/DFB/002 Hospital fowler bed with back and leg side lifting, collapsible railing, ABS ( Fiber) head & Leg guard, with wheel, 16-18 Gauge ISI mark metal frame, Epoxy heat chamber painting, Bed longevity is much higher than ordinary fowler bed available in the market. It looks new for long time if proper cleaning is done time to time. Patient medical bed for home use, It can be used as Surgical bed for post operative patient, After removing head Leg guard orthopeadic traction can be done. Height 24” normal 16” leg with wheel from floor can be opt for if require. Condition : New

Motorized Hospital Bed

57,000.00 18
(1 Review)
MODEL NO : ICO/MFB/003 Electric and remote operated fowler bed, back and leg side lifting, butterfly side railing, 20” height fixed, wheel with break, Best quality and painting, Good aesthetic value. 6” Foam mattress folding & compatible with this bed is provided. Food table & bedside locker price is extra & optional.

Commode Wheelchair

12,800.00 18
(4 Reviews)
MODEL NO : ICO/R12/0011 Commode wheelchair for indoor and outdoor use, for outdoor use just need to remove bucket below the seat. Hand & footrest detachable so patient can be easily lifted from bed to wheelchair during mobility care at home. Comfort seat

Tubular Air Mattress To Prevent Bedsore

9,500.00 18
(1 Review)
MODEL NO: ICO/TAM/009 Tubular air mattress with alternative and static mode, Bedcover is provided to protect mattress form urine accumulation and to avoid bad smell inside room, pressure adjusting technology is used to prevent bedsore

Hospital Fowler Bed ( Metal Frame)

17,600.00 18
(1 Review)
MODEL NO : ICO/MTFB/005 Metal frame fowler bed with back & leg side lifting, 24” height including wheel, 16” height leg with wheel can opted as per patient requirement. Head Leg guard metal frame, drop down side railing16-18 gauge ISI mark metal frame and body, Epoxy painting, best quality metal & paint for long time home use.

Motorized Icu Bed 5 Function

96,000.00 18
(1 Review)
MODEL NO : ICO/MICU/004 Electric & remote operated 5 function bed, head & Leg guard of ABS panel Butterfly railing, Height adjustable 18” to 34” from floor, Back & Leg side lifting, head side up to 90 degree lifting, Entire body of the bed can be tilted ( TRENDELENBURG POSITION) for different medical use. Battery back up ICU bed is also available with price addition, Installation charge of ICU bed is extra.

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